WebRTC Vendor Strategy: Xura’s ForgeAS Fills the Gap

WebRTC Vendor Strategy: Xura’s ForgeAS Fills the Gap

WebRTC Vendor Strategy” is a monthly series highlighting the strengths of WebRTC Platform as a Service (PAAS) providers in the industry. In this article we will focus on Xura’s ForgeAS platform.

As the Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) industry continues to mature, so do the services offered by Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) providers. Many providers have decided to focus on a set of core features that they believe will help differentiate them from the market and others have put immense effort into solving specific business problems. Xura (formerly Acision) on the other hand, has been able to take it one step further and focus on both.

Xura was born from a merger between Comverse and Acision in June 2015. Since that time the company has accelerated it efforts to provide it’s customers with enterprise grade services in new and innovative ways. In the last 12 to 18 months, we have a seen the demand for more control and flexibility over client content rise. Industries with strict regulation and privacy concerns, such as healthcare and financial services, are looking for solutions that better fit their needs. Xura has done a good job at identifying what customers are looking for in a provider by introducing ForgeAS. ForgeAS is an extension Xura’s existing Forge service which offers customers the ability to tap into Xura’s global infrastructure but store and secure all media on-premises. Many of our clients have struggled with the idea of third-party providers storing and securing their content. Now with ForgeAS it provides an elegant solution for on-premises control that decreases implementation costs and deployment time.

In Conclusion

In 2016 we look to our partners such as Xura to continue to provide innovative solutions that solve the needs of our customers. Xura currently offers an array of solutions that make it compelling for customers large and small to integrate with their products and services. In particular, Xura’s ForgeAS service provides business and organizations the ability to deploy solutions quickly and efficiently while still maintaining complete control over their content. In the article “The Evolution of Customer Communications in the Finance Industry”, Eric Bilange, EVP of Enterprise at Xura, goes into detail about how the financial industry benefits from the capabilities of real-time technologies such as WebRTC. We are excited to head into 2016 with such great partners at our our disposal.

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