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Blacc Spot Media delivers results-driven Cloud Communications products and services for our clients.

Proven Cloud Communications Strategies

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SMS/MMS & Chat

Smile Direct Club

Learn how we helped Smile Direct Club support over 75,000+ monthly conversations in 7 different countries.

Communication Channels
Voice, IVR & Chat

Procter & Gamble

Learn how we helped Procter & Gamble deploy a pilot for consolidating their global contact centers.

Communication Channels
Voice, IVR & SMS/MMS

Capitol Corridor

Learn how we helped the Capitol Corridor implement an intelligent IVR solution to support 1.7 million passengers.

Communication Channels
Voice & IVR


Learn how we helped CharterUP migrate from their existing Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) provider by leveraging Twilio Flex.

Communication Channels

Pylon Manufacturing

Learn how we helped Pylon deploy an intelligent SMS Chatbot to enhance their customer experience (CX).

Communication Channels

Outdoor Adventures

Learn how we replaced Outdoor Adventures’s existing Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) with a custom-built solution.

Communication Channels
SMS/MMS & Chat


Learn how we helped the The+Source deploy a compliant SMS/MMS marketing solution in the Cannabis Industry.