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As a distinguished Twilio Gold Consulting Partner with over a decade of dedicated service to the Twilio platform, Blacc Spot Media is your trusted partner that will help guide you seamlessly migrate from Twilio Flex 1.x to the advanced 2.x version.

Get Started Today: Seamlessly transition to Twilio Flex 2.0. Contact us to schedule your 1-week assessment and unlock the full potential of your contact center. Your future with Twilio Flex awaits!

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Twilio Flex 2.0 Migration Overview

Embark on a journey to Twilio Flex 2.0 with confidence. Our three-step migration process ensures a smooth transition:

  • STEP 1: 1-Week Comprehensive Assessment: Kickstart your migration with our 1-week assessment, where our expert team dives deep into your existing Twilio Flex contact center. This phase equips us with the insights needed for a tailored migration plan.
  • STEP 2: Seamless Migration to Flex UI 2.0: Let us take the reins as we migrate your Twilio Flex contact center to the latest and greatest – Flex UI 2.0. Experience enhanced features without the hassle.
  • STEP 3: Optional Ongoing Support: Maximize the benefits of Flex UI 2.0 with our managed services support. Our optional ongoing support ensures your Twilio Flex continues to operate at its peak.<


One-time fee to conduct our 1-week assessment.

Twilio Flex Migration Assessment

Say goodbye to migration hassles!

Our streamlined process-driven strategy simplifies your upgrade to Twilio Flex 2.0, offering a quick and easy path to the future.

Assessment Highlights:

  • Assessment Kickoff Meeting – 1 @ 1hr.
  • Discovery Sessions – 2 @ 1hr. each
  • Twilio Flex Technical Review – 1 @ 4 hrs.
  • Summary Report of for Migration Strategy
  • Summary Report Readout – 1 @ 1 hr.

Leverage our proven strategy, designed to eliminate downtime and elevate your Twilio Flex experience. Choose Blacc Spot Media for a migration that transcends expectations.

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