Programmable Voice

Blacc Spot Media leverages voice communications to build solutions that deliver results for our clients.

Build Great Customer Experiences (CX) with Voice

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Deliver Powerful Customer Engagement

Good communication isn’t just a nice-to-have for business, it’s imperative to delivering exceptional customer experiences that set you apart from your competition. Successful customer engagement is proven to increase sales opportunities, marketing conversions, and employee satisfaction. Programmable Voice provides you the flexibility to build a digital customer journey that quickly and easily provides your customers with support.

Programmable Voice

Blacc Spot Media helps organizations build digital customer experiences that enhance the customer journey, improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and drive bottom-line results.

Typical Use Cases

Your customer experience (CX) is everything. Control your customer journey with ease. Deploy intelligent, customer-centric contact center solutions that embrace a customer-first philosophy to ensure your customers can communicate with you through any channel they choose with a consistent experience across channels.

Deliver impactful customer experiences with intelligent, interactive voice response (IVR) systems that decrease operations costs and increase customer satisfaction. IVRs are no longer considered as a tool used for call deflection. Modern businesses are using IVRs innovatively to boost marketing and sales, increase customer loyalty, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

Gain greater insight into your business by analyzing voice calls in real-time. Whether you are identifying the sentiment of a conversation, authenticating customers based on voice biometrics, transcribing customer conversations or using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce resolution times for agents, voice analysis is a powerful solution to add to your digital communication’s toolbox.

Improve customer satisfaction and engagement to drive increased ROI by accurately measuring and identifying your most effective marketing campaigns. Use this data to optimize the customer journey based on how individual customers engage with your brand providing insights into ways to create enhanced personalized experiences.


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