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Capitol Corridor is an intercity rail service connecting 1.7 million travelers each year with the most economically vibrant urban centers in the Northern California megaregion – from the Sacramento capital to the tech hub of Silicon Valley, and including San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley.

Key Project Metrics

Decrease In Agent Assisted Calls

Increase to Support Availability

Reduction In Workforce

Proven Cloud-Based IVR Strategies

Capitol Corridor needed an improved IVR solution to enhance the customer experience for its 1.7 million travelers which commute on their trains annually. Their intentions were to provide passengers with 24/7 access to train schedules as well as detailed station and policy information.

Blacc Spot Media built an intelligent, cloud-based IVR solution that integrated multiple systems and sources of passenger data in order to provide a single, comprehensive offering for passengers to find the information they required at any time.

Capitol Corridor reduced the number of calls requiring assistance from a live agent by 79%. The reduction in assistance requests allowed Capitol Corridor to significantly cut their agent headcount and reallocate funds to other parts of the organization.

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