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Smile Direct Club was founded on the belief that “Everyone deserves a smile they love.” Recognizing an opportunity to increase access to dental care, the company pioneered the creation of cutting-edge platforms and technology for doctor-directed, at-home aligner therapy.

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Smile Direct Club’s existing contact center solution provided limited support for enhanced SMS/MMS capabilities. This restricted Smile Direct Club’s ability to send and receive messages with their customers while also preventing them from expanding into new international markets.

Blacc Spot Media built a standalone, two-way communication platform that connects directly with Salesforce to provide an integrated solution for their contact center agents and marketing teams that manage sales campaigns. Additionally, the solution allowed their agents to communicate more efficiently with customers.

Smile Direct Club is facilitating more effective communication with its customers using SMS/MMS services. It also expanded its support for international customers allowing the company to support its continual overseas market growth.

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