WebRTC Vendor Strategy: Temasys “Plugs” the Hole

WebRTC Vendor Strategy: Temasys “Plugs” the Hole

WebRTC Vendor Strategy” is a monthly series highlighting the strengths of WebRTC Platform as a Service (PAAS) providers in the industry. In this article we will focus on the Temasys Skylink platform.

Our industry has been subject to much debate around its ability to become a true cross platform solution without the interoperability of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Safari. Stats show that Internet Explorer usage numbers are still high, due to the fact that until recently, Microsoft’s browser release cycle has not been “Evergreen”, renewing automatically like the Chrome and Firefox browsers. Apple’s Safari browser suffers from the same issues since versions are only updated with new OS releases. With Microsoft’s new Edge browser, it is off to a better start but usage numbers are still pointing to a semi-evergreen release cycle. “Just how evergreen is Microsoft Edge?” provides detailed information on Microsoft and the evergreen impact.

Temasys examined the interoperability issue with Internet Explorer and Safari that plagued many organizations deploying WebRTC solutions. However, the company took a different approach than other providers in the industry to address the issue. Unlike other providers which focused on solutions that only worked within a closed ecosystem with their own platform, the Temasys team built a plugin that worked across multiple providers. In addition, the solution provides the option of using either the free version or one of the commercially available plans   based on your application requirement needs. Brilliant. Consequently, Temasys has experienced a strong demand for their plugin from providers and customers deploying WebRTC solutions. In May 2015, Temasys announced that Citrix licensed its WebRTC plugin for use in GoToMeeting Free.

In Conclusion

We are excited to see the growth of internet technologies, specifically WebRTC, continue to drive change. Many browser vendors are jumping on the bandwagon and no longer supporting NPAPI, JAVA applets and Flash as the industry continues down the road of a fully interoperable web. Microsoft is taking it one step further by dropping support for Internet Explorer and creating an entirely different browser, Edge, that facilitates web interoperability.  Until a fully interoperable web is embraced by all, solutions such as Temasys’ WebRTC plugin will continue to “Plug the Hole” for those looking to deploy a solution that can work with Internet Explorer and Safari.

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