Twilio’s IPO and What it Means for the Communications Industry

Twilio’s IPO and what it means for the Communications Industry

Yesterday was an action packed day for the communications industry with Twilio’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) listing on the NASDAQ (TWLO). Twilio gives developers and businesses the ability to build messaging, voice and video capabilities directly into their software applications with a simple set of APIs. Twilio powers some of the world’s most well-known brands such as Uber, What’sApp and Airbnb.

We are excited about how traditional communications has rapidly advanced to meet consumers evolving demands. Twilio makes it easy for anyone to build enriched communications capabilities into their applications without having to worry about global infrastructure, negotiating with carriers and/or support necessary for continued innovation. As a result, businesses can shift focus on activities related to driving revenue for their companies.

As a Twilio Development Partner, we are excited to see the innovative solutions coming from Twilio. We are particularly interested in their new Programmable Wireless product and what it could mean for the Internet of Things (IoT) market. Developers can build unique communication workflows needed for their cellular-connected IoT devices, phones, and tablets with the ability to program every call, text and data packet. Simply just revolutionary. Blacc Spot Media is excited to continue our work with such an innovative company.