Get Ready! It’s Time for Kranky Geek WebRTC Show

Get Ready! It’s Time for Kranky Geek WebRTC Show

Looking to up your knowledge of WebRTC? The upcoming 4th edition of the Kranky Geek WebRTC Show, hosted at Google offices in San Francisco, will offer a great opportunity to learn more about Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC), both as a technology and how the industry has matured in the past year. Speakers at the event will bring the audience up to speed on numerous technology developments, and the latest industry news.

As Tsahi Levent-Levi, one of Kranky Geek’s key organizers, says:

“Our main theme this time is WebRTC and mobile. We have a great set of speakers that will talk about things from cocoapods and CallKit in iOS, through React native cross platform development up to improving video quality on mobile. On the 22nd, Kranky Geek will take place for the first time in Sao Paulo, where we plan to go back to the basics and touch topics often overlooked such as debugging and troubleshooting.”

Kranky Geek notes that embedded real-time communications is becoming the norm. While WebRTC is making real-time communications much easier from a development point of view, challenges remain, but they are being solved by our growing community. That’s why Kranky Geek is hosting the up-coming events.

Attendees will learn about the basic construct of WebRTC, and also see real-world examples of actual implementations. Special emphasis will be placed on WebRTC implementations for mobile.

If you’re interested in attending, tickets are only $10 bucks, and 100% of the net will be donated to “Girl Develop It”, a non-profit that provides affordable opportunities for women to learn to code. You can sign up here.

If you’re looking to head to the event in San Paulo, registration is free!

Can’t attend the events in person? No worries! You can tune in live via YouTube. Replay will also be available.

Previous Kranky Geek Events were a big success, and were well-received by attendees. We expect nothing less out of this year’s event.

Speakers will include Ankur Oberoi, a development evangelistic from Slack, Cesar Guirao from TokBox, Chris Eagleston from Twilio, and Sam Dutton from Google, among many others. Many of the speakers are well-known in the industry, so we expect the event to be quite informative, and to offer a great opportunity to link up with WebRTC developers and other experts.

The event is being sponsored by Google, Twilio, ToxBox, and Vidyo.

What You’ll Learn: WebRTC Technology Overview

WebRTC has emerged as one of the hottest communications and live video technologies both for traditional web browsers and also apps. Using simple Javascript API’s, real-time communication is made easy with WebRTC. So far, the technology has been adapted for a wide range of commercial uses and industries such as Healthcare, Education and Financial Services to name a few.

Anyone who attends will certainly increase their understanding of WebRTC and its potential impact on the industry. Further, the insights provided by experienced WebRTC developers could offer some key insights for companies and developers looking to launch their own WebRTC apps, services, and products.

Our team will be watching live from our Atlanta office, where will you be watching?