Tokbox: Brands Introduce Live Video Chat Powered by WebRTC to Increase Revenue

Tokbox, one of our vendor partners, recently put out a white paper outlining how brands are utilizing live video chat to increase customer engagement and revenues.  Based on the research provided by ToxBox, the paper notes that live video is now a key way for brands to interact with their customers and that WebRTC is helping them reach more of their audience than ever before.

With WebRTC, brands can interact with customers by providing enhanced communications built directly into their applications and workflows.

ToxBox notes that live video is already immensely popular. Snapchat has 150 million daily users, Periscope users watch 40 years (years!) worth of video every single day. Roughly 20 million Apple FaceTime video calls are made per day. So yeah, it appears that a lot people love live video chat.

Some more interesting live video stats and facts from the TokBox’s White Paper:

  • 90% of Americans aged 18-55 have communicated via live video
  • By 2017 live video usage (at some stage in life) in the United States is expected to approach 100%
  • Mobile devices have now overtaken laptops for video usage

In their white paper, TokBox raises a very interesting point: automation for customer service calls and other innovative uses have reached exceptionally high levels. Now, live video  offers a way for companies to distinguish themselves from their competition.

TokBox notes that 50% of customers who use live video are more likely to tell friends and family about a brand. Further, 77% of customers who used live video rated it as better than email or phone. Putting a face behind a brand offers a great way to build up a relationship with customers. In one case, ToxBox found that live video chat increased conversion rates by 4X, and average sales values increased by 10% when compared to text chat alone.

Live video chat offers a competitive advantage for those who are embracing its capabilities for growing their business. In the near future, live video chat with customers will become as common as 1-800 numbers. In fact, by 2018, 100 out of 500 of the world’s largest global companies are expected to have implemented live video chat for their business.

WebRTC offers numerous advantages when it comes to live video chat. TokBox notes that connection times are up to 6X faster, and video quality is better than legacy  technologies. Further, neither customers nor companies have to worry about installing plugins or, but instead can chat right within their web browser.

Ultimately, live video chat will be the future for most brands, and WebRTC offers the best way to deliver such services. As such, as more companies embrace and implement live video chats, we expect strong growth in the WebRTC space. WebRTC as a technology and live video chat for brands are a natural fit for one another and will generate benefits for businesses and customers alike.