Built with WebRTC: Zendesk, Software for Better Customer Relationships

Built with WebRTC: Zendesk

Continuing our series highlighting companies that have been successful deploying Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) solutions to the market, we turn our attention to Zendesk.  Zendesk has been able to drastically reform the way they engage with customers resulting in greatly improved customer service, all with the help of WebRTC.  This article focuses on the accomplishments of Zendesk and how their vision of multichannel customer engagement came to life.


Zendesk was already an industry leader in the CRM world, but they wanted to surpass the industry standards. Zendesk wanted to create a customer experience that would truly stand out.  After much research, the pacesetters at Zendesk realized that with the help of WebRTC, they would be able to build better customer relationships through more meaningful, personal and productive customer interactions.  

The team at Zendesk was surprised to learn that nearly 80% of its customers were already using voice for customer service—the old-fashioned way, through decades-old analog systems.  That discovery led Zendesk to realize that they wanted to offer full-blown call center functionality.  It wanted customer support reps to be able to take a phone call, respond to a chat, SMS, or email ticket, and toggle between channels as their agents saw fit.  WebRTC was the medium used to make this happen.  

Zendesk was soon able to offer phone support tightly integrated with every other customer engagement channel. The use of Twilio’s Programmable Voice and Video products proved to be cost-efficient and instrumental in enabling Zendesk to integrate voice and video into its current platform.  WebRTC has been the key ingredient in Zendesk’s growth as they have accumulated 4,000 customers in over 40 different countries, doing millions of minutes every month.  

Team & Leadership

Zendesk was started in a Copenhagen loft by three friends (Alexander Aghassipour, Mikkel Svane, and Morten Primdahl) who used an old kitchen door as a desk.  

Alexander serves as the Chief Product Officer.  Prior to founding Zendesk, he consulted with global corporations about design, global strategy, and recruiting. Alex also co-founded Araneum A/S, the largest Danish-owned digital media agency.

Mikkel Svane is the CEO and a member of the board of directors and has served in this capacity since August 2007. He was appointed Chair of the board of directors in January 2014.  Mikkel led a service-management consulting group, founded and served as the Chief Executive Officer of Caput A/S, a software company for an online community, served as a technology consultant, and launched Denmark’s first community portal.  

Morten is the Chief Technical Officer who brings to Zendesk a refined focus on the technical details. He’s involved on all technical levels – from the application to the infrastructure components and databases.  Prior to co-founding Zendesk, Morten consulted on a number of technology projects, ranging from helping startups establish a technical platform, to doing heavy duty consulting for online banking systems.

Company Profile

San Francisco, CAOct 2007$85.5 M


2000+CRM Softwarehttps:www.zendesk.com


WebRTC and Emerging Technology

Technology is ever evolving and WebRTC initiatives continue to be in the forefront.  Traditional methods of customer service are proving to be less effective, thus making the need for innovative solutions a must.  WebRTC provides companies with the tools needed to remain on the cutting edge while providing customers with a multi-channel user experience.  

Zendesk as well as many other companies have benefited from the cost-effective implementation of Web Real-Time Communications into their existing products and services and so can you.  

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