Built with WebRTC: Wix

Built with WebRTC: Wix

Built with WebRTC” is a monthly series that highlights companies that have experienced success deploying Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) solutions to the market. This article will focus on how Wix has been able to successfully build a WebRTC enabled call center servicing over 80 million customers worldwide.


Wix.com is a cloud-based web development platform that allows users to create websites and mobile sites through their online drag and drop tools. At last count, Wix supports upwards of 80 million small business owners across the world by enabling them to create and manage their online presence.

With such a large user base, the ability to scale and improve customer service has been critical to Wix’s success. As the demand for Wix flourished, the off-the-shelf call center solution was no longer sufficient to the team. In order to provide their users with the best solution possible, it was clear to Wix that a custom telephony solution was key. However, it was not part of their business model to build the system themselves. Therefore, Wix sought out Twilio for a product that would scale their call center solution to accommodate their growing user base.

As the Wix team explored the wealth of APIs and options available to them through Twilio, they realized that Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) was the perfect solution. By using the Twilio Client for voice communications powered by WebRTC, Wix quickly built a custom call center solution that provided the flexibility, scalability and reliability required.

Today Wix has over 120 agents answering questions and gathering feedback from 2,000+ customer calls per day. In addition to logging and categorizing all calls, Wix’s IVR technology pre-associates users. The pre-association provides immediate insight into who’s calling and quickly feeds that information to their agents.

The Wix call center serves as an educational environment for users seeking answers to their problems as well as a mechanism for the company to become aware of improvement opportunities for their products, solutions, and services. Every aspect of communication, whether the customer is calling their 800 number or connecting from their web browser, takes place within the agent’s web browser.

Company Profile

Tel Aviv, Israel2006NASDAQ:WIX
1001 – 5000Internet Providershttp://wix.com


In Conclusion

As communication technologies, such as WebRTC, continue to grow, we will see more and more companies evolve beyond the traditional call center solutions for more innovative ones that provide businesses with better ways to engage their customers. WebRTC is changing the way businesses interact with their users by providing new and exciting opportunities for enhanced communities.

Twilio, one of our vendor partners, is helping companies like Wix tackle the major challenge of deploying a global telephony solution with a set of powerful, yet simple, set of APIs. It is inevitable that legacy call center solutions will start to fade. Those that don’t transition to a cloud-based solution powered by WebRTC will get left behind with high hardware and infrastructure costs from a legacy system. There’s no time like the present to begin embracing the move towards this more innovative technology. Let our team help you get started on the right path, visit us today at www.blaccspot.com.

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