Built with WebRTC: Unify

Built with WebRTC: Unify

Built with WebRTC is a monthly series highlighting companies that have been successful deploying Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) solutions to the market. In this article we will focus on the impact Unify, a global communications software and services company, has made within the  communications industry.


Unify, recently acquired by Atos Consulting for €340 million, is a communications provider that develops, deploys, and manages unified communications, network infrastructure, security and professional services for enterprises, both directly and via partners. At the time of acquisition, Unify was generating more than €1.2 billion in annual revenue. It  boosts a hefty list of clients including the likes of NASA, U.S. Air Force, NATO, FedEx, Fiat, Pepsico and more. Unify delivers secure Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) experience with solutions that combine multiple voice, video and data networks, connected devices and applications into one easy-to-use platform that allows teams to collaborate securely, effectively and efficiently.


Circuit is a collaboration application built on Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) which enables group and direct messaging, screen sharing and voice/video chat. Circuit has over 500,000 paying customer and growing steadily with over 50 new tenants per day. Launched in October 2014, Circuit is one of the dominant unified communications solutions in the market. Slack and Circuit are producing similar numbers in terms of paid subscribers, but Circuit has an advantage over Slack with its full suite of communications endpoints. Circuit offers a wide array of devices and ways for their customers to connect. With customers using the application via VoIP phones, web or mobile devices, Circuit is definitely making its presence known. Circuit focuses on making enterprise integration easy to entice large corporations to adopt their solution. Combined with their developer APIs, companies can now build customized solutions that fit their exact needs with the Circuit platform.

Company Profile


Munich, BayernJuly 2008Privately Held


5,000 – 7,500Telecommunicationshttps://www.unify.com


In Conclusion

Unify is one of the world’s leading communications software and services firms, providing integrated communications solutions for approximately 75 percent of the Fortune Global 500. Numbers like those are hard to keep if you can’t continue to provide solutions that your customers demand. With the introduction of Circuit in 2014, Unify has proven that  they have their eye on the future of communications. Enhanced communications capabilities will continue to play a vital role in today’s society and WebRTC is leading the way by replacing legacy and outdated technology with new and innovative solutions that are connecting people in new ways.

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