Built with WebRTC: Tellybean

Built with WebRTC: Tellybean

“Built with WebRTC” is a monthly series that highlights companies that have experienced success deploying Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) solutions to the market. This article will focus on Tellybean, a TV video streaming app that makes it easy for families, friends, and teams to connect on the big screen.


Tellybean offers a “life sized” video streaming service that makes it easy for people to conduct video calls using their televisions and other large screens. According to Tellybean, if you can’t be somewhere in person, life size video and images are the next best thing. With Tellybean, you can turn your smart TV into a video conferencing device with ease. Tellybean allows users to chat with their family, friends, or team without everyone having to crowd around a laptop or smartphone.

Of course, many TVs aren’t equipped with webcams which created a unique challenge the Tellybean team. Luckily for users, they can download the companion app turning their smartphone into a webcam. Tellybean makes it easy for anyone with an Android enabled television to turn their smartphone and TV into a video conferencing solution.

Tellybean isn’t the first company to launch video calling services on televisions. Skype launched a video calling app for smart TVs, but dropped support in March. Skype has about 300 million actively monthly users, and those using Skype TV app were only a small subset. For Microsoft, catering to such a small niche crowd didn’t make much sense. For Tellybean, however, this small niche offers an opportunity for growth.

Interestingly enough, Tellybean originally started as a Skype-based service, but as Skype began to wind down support for third party developers, and Google slowed efforts to expand gtalk, the team needed to find a new technology. The natural fit was WebRTC, which made it easy for them to work with Android devices, including smart TVs.

Company Profile

Helsinki, FinlandNovember 2011$2.91 Million
11 – 50Telecommunicationshttp://www.tellybean.com

In Conclusion

Tellybean cites the ease of implementation and the lack of required plugins as some of the key benefits for picking WebRTC as a technology. Tellybean’s apps highlight one of the many ways WebRTC can be adapted to provide new services and create new opportunities. As Tellybean notes, WebRTC is highly flexible and adaptable, all while lowering technological impediments. Blacc Spot Media is excited to see more companies adapting WebRTC in increasingly innovative ways. We expect to see an explosion of innovative solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry over the next several years.

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