Built with WebRTC: Be My Eyes

Built with WebRTC: Be My Eyes

Built with WebRTC” is a monthly series that highlights companies that  have experienced success deploying Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) solutions to the market. This article will focus on the achievements of Be My Eyes, an app that uses the technology of WebRTC to provides aid to individuals who are blind.

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is an app created to link blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world. It is able to connect individuals with visual impairments to a pool of 360,000+ volunteers via video and audio chat. Once a person in need accesses Be My Eyes to request assistance, volunteers receive a notification that help has been solicited and initiate a live video chat. Volunteers can literally be the eyes of the individual in need by providing quick responses to things that are normally taken for granted such as reading the expiration date on milk in the refrigerator or on other packages of food. Be My Eyes is a popular app that has been deployed as an Accessibility option within the iPhone. The accessibility VoiceOver feature enables the visually impaired to use an iPhone with synthetic speech and a touch-based interface. This is the first app on the market that innovatively pairs the visually impaired with helpers via a direct video call for real-time support. The app is built on a shuffle-call system which allows calls to be answered whenever help is needed by forwarding calls until answered, establishing a connection to the first available helper.

Team & Leadership

The app was conceived by Hans Jorgen Wiberg, who had hands-on experience with obstacles experienced by people with visual impairments. Not only did he work at “The Danish Association of the Blind”, but he also is visually impaired. He had first-hand knowledge on the help required by the visually impaired with everyday tasks and he believed technology would be an asset. In 2012, he presented his idea of the application at a startup event Denmark. He collaborated with a team that was equipped to make Be My Eyes a reality.

Company Profile


San Francisco, CAApril 2012$650 Thousand


11 – 50Computer Softwarehttp://bemyeyes.org


In Conclusion

Technology is amazing, but it becomes even more significant when it has the ability to help humankind. With the use of WebRTC, Be My Eyes has been able to help over 139,000 people with visual impairments around the world. In addition, it has afforded another 360,000 individuals the opportunity to give of themselves and help others in need. As a result, Be My Eyes is currently one of the largest organizations in the world based on their number of volunteers. With the momentum Be My Eyes has generated, the organization intends to take full advantage of the volunteer base they have grown and distribute it to other groups around the world that cater to people with disabilities. We are already an advocate of WebRTC, but the the work that Be My Eyes has embarked upon not only makes us excited, but very proud. We look forward to seeing other ways WebRTC can help make the world a better place.

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