Built with WebRTC: AirConsole

Built with WebRTC: AirConsole

Built with WebRTC” is a monthly series that highlights companies that have been successful deploying Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) solutions to the market. This article will focus on the gaming platform AirConsole by N-Dream AG.

AirConsole by N-Dream AG

AirConsole is an online platform that transforms your web browser into a video game console and your smartphones into gamepads. The platform enables Gamers the ability to play on their computers or SmartTVs with friends or family. N-Dream AG has created one of few production applications on the market that utilizes the DataChannel capabilities of WebRTC. AirConsole uses a six-digit code that initiates the connection through the DataChannel which allows  anyone the ability to use their mobile device as the controller. N-Dream AG expanded on this capability by implementing a native app along with using Sockets so the system would not solely rely on the DataChannel for those users who are not connecting using a supported browser. Looking beyond the limitations of WebRTC in unsupported browsers and utilizing its capabilities where it made sense for their application was a very smart decision by the N-Dream AG team. Latency is a real factor in multi-party video gaming. WebRTC is in an excellent position to help improve gaming experience by satisfying the needs of gamers all over the world. N-Dream AG has capitalized off this improvement in performance and offers a slew of games that you can play on their AirConsole including my personal favorite, Racing Wars, a game all about racing and blowing your friends’ cars with bombs and missiles.

Company Profile

Zurich, SwitzerlandDecember 2013$1.4 Million
1 – 10Gaminghttps://www.airconsole.com


In Conclusion

We have only just begun to see how WebRTC will transform industries around the world. As the technology continues to improve and more companies start to adopt it as part of their overall strategy, we will see more innovative solutions like AirConsole hitting the market. Gaming is a $100+ billion industry and companies like AirConsole will become big targets for companies such as Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Just recently Microsoft acquired the interactive live video game streaming company, Beam. As you can see, we are at a convergence where WebRTC is becoming synonymous with real-time communication. Whether it is for human to human, human to machine or machine to machine interaction, it’s clear the technology and the people behind it will continue to foster its growth.

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