WebRTC Vendor Strategy: TokBox is a Clear Winner

WebRTC Vendor Strategy: TokBox is a Clear Winner

In 2015 we have seen the leading Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) vendors persevere the hold on their position in the marketplace. As the industry progresses,  it is important that companies evolve and provide the best service for their customers. We consider  TokBox as a leader in the industry because of their persistence to make the lives of their customers easier.

We have been in partnership with TokBox since 2013 and using their platform since late 2011.  We have witnessed the transformation that TokBox has made over time. TokBox has been paying close attention to the needs of their customers and what it takes to launch their applications successfully. We look at TokBox as a true Platform as a Service (PAAS) provider but one that solves customer problems beyond their base platform.

In addition to providing a power platform, TokBox has introduced some powerful tools and resources. Just recently, TokBox announced the introduction of their new Annotation Widget. Why is this important? Why should you care? Well it’s simple. If you want to continue to be a leader, you have to lead. With more than 20 PAAS vendors in the industry, you have to differentiate yourself from the market. TokBox is doing just that by providing tools, widgets, starter kits, tutorials and more. Just take a look at their list of BETA programs. We believe the strategy implemented by TokBox is great, we salute them for their efforts.

In Conclusion

Looking at a comparative analysis of the vendors in the industry, their are some clear winners and losers when it comes to thinking outside-the-box. In 2016, WebRTC vendor strategy is going to be critical to stay relevant in order to attract and retain customers. Don’t get us wrong, we think the core WebRTC service is the most important aspect of a provider’s platforms, but for customers, it has the Swiss Army Knife affect. Customers may never use the 100 tools offered by a provider but knowing that the tools are available makes the decision to use one provider over the other an easy choice.

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