WebRTC Growth to Continue for the Industry in 2016

WebRTC Growth to Continue for the Industry in 2016

2016 is approaching quickly and the Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) industry is on track to have a great year. WebRTC continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Companies that prefer standardization view this as a challenge to entering the market and are reluctant to invest in the technology.  However, the release of WebRTC 1.0 will counter the hesitancy that those companies face.  We believe this release will be the catalyst to more companies being acqui-hired, providing the support required to help companies get to market sooner with their products and services. In turn this will eliminate the fears faced by companies intimidated by the pace in which WebRTC is evolving. Most recently, Microsoft acqui-hired Talko, a mobile app for business team communications, to help fuel future innovation in both Skype and Skype for Business. Another indication of a promising 2016 for the WebRTC are the numerous acquisitions and millions of dollars allocated to the industry substantiating that interest is expanding for companies utilizing WebRTC.

In some regards, WebRTC NV (New Version) will follow the same path as WebRTC 1.0. It will provide even more innovative solutions to some commonly seen challenges such as codecs, browser interoperability, Multipoint Conferencing Units (MCU) for muxing and intelligent Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) integration. Codecs continue to be a hot topic throughout the industry. Google announced that Chrome 48 will be offering support for VP9. Vidyo goes into more detail about the support in their post “Google and Vidyo Bring VP9 to WebRTC”. In addition, browsers interoperability has sparked some healthy competition amongst vendors. We are interested in seeing how WebRTC NV establishes itself in the market. Chad Hart goes into detail about the possibilities in his article “What’s Next for WebRTC” posted on Medium.


The industry is showing healthy vital signs that this is going to be a stellar year full of innovation and advancements in the technology. As more and more companies become aware of the power that WebRTC offers, we will witness a steady stream of services hit the market. We look forward to seeing you all in 2016.

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