WebRTC Companies Rising in the Shadows

WebRTC Companies Rising in the Shadows

2016 is going to be an interesting year for the Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) industry. Tsahi, an industry leading consultant and thought-leader at http://bloggeek.me, is tracking around 800 companies who have deployed WebRTC solutions. We are tracking a similar number of WebRTC companies as well. Based on our research, this number is a gross underestimation of the anticipated number of WebRTC companies that will deploy products and services to the market in the near future.  We speak with our vendor partners on a regular basis and combined they are seeing thousands of requests each month for companies looking to incorporate real-time capabilities into their products and services.

Blacc Spot Media focuses solely on developing WebRTC enabled applications for our clients. We receive requests on a weekly basis from prospective clients large and small. We want to focus on those mid to large companies in this article. In 2015, we saw a handful of both enterprise companies ($1B+ in revenue) and mid-sized companies ($100M+ in revenue) seeking consulting services for building their own WebRTC solution. The keyword to pay attention to is their “own” solution. The majority of these companies need the ability to control deployment within their existing infrastructure so normal third-party providers were not a good fit for their business goals. The commonality that we found most intriguing  about the large companies we worked with this year is that not only are looking to incorporate WebRTC in their products and services, they all are looking to open up their platforms to developers in the future.

In Conclusion

As the industry is starting to gain real traction with more and more companies adding WebRTC to their products, we believe there are still quite a large number of companies building services in the shadows. It will be interesting to see what takes place in 2016. We now have more than 20 Platform as a Service (PAAS) providers in the market, all with their own take on what features customers are looking to incorporate into their products and services. We foresee that number increasing  to 30 or more by the end of 2016 with some surprises in the types of companies deploying their own platforms.

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