Previewing Persistence Market’s Up-coming WebRTC Report & Telehealth

Persistence Market Research recently announced that it is working on its “WebRTC Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 – 2021” report. The report isn’t due to be released until December, so specific conclusions and stats haven’t been released just yet. Regardless, the press release is quite optimistic, noting high demand, technical advantages, and WebRTC’s “huge importance” to numerous industries.

Over here at Blacc Spot Media, we are very confident that WebRTC will enjoy strong growth in the years ahead. WebRTC offers numerous advantages over other technologies, and it’s ushering in a new era of innovation for the communications industry. Obviously, we’re not the only ones feeling optimistic about WebRTC’s future.

As Persistence Marketing notes, WebRTC is already essential for call centers solutions. Wix recently developed a custom solution built on top of Twilio for their call center that supports their 80+ million users. Meanwhile, numerous major companies, such as Comcast, Google, and Facebook have already deployed WebRTC applications that are used by millions of users everyday.

Made For Each Other: Healthcare & WebRTC

Persistence Marketing also highlighted retail and healthcare as two potential industries primed for growth. Healthcare is an immensely interesting area of development because not only is there high demand, but also because the technologies created could provide a lot of value to society as a whole. We see evidence of this with services such as Doctor on Demand, MDLive and Teladoc to name a few.

Most recently, Sydney-based startup, MedSquared, launched a trial of its AirHealth telehealth platform. Similar to platforms we have built for our clients, like Regroup Therapy and Telehealth Ventures, this platform makes it easy for doctors to perform remote consulting. For people who live in Australia’s Outback, access to healthcare can be limited, and the nearest doctor can be hours away. Remote consulting promises to connect patients and doctors across vast distances.

Numerous companies have tried to launch remote consulting services, but problems always arose. People often needed to access special equipment, or download separate software programs. Yet today, companies like MedSquared and Regroup Therapy are addressing these issues by providing reliable remote services utilizing the power of WebRTC.

WebRTC Could Make House Calls a Thing Again

In the past, doctors often visited their patients in their homes. Often, it was simply easier for the healthy doctor to visit the sick patient, rather than the other way around. However, your average doctor’s time is limited, and usually quite expensive, so now it makes more sense for most patients to travel to the doctor’s office or hospital. Still, for rural areas and patients who are short on time, going to visit a doctor can be a huge inconvenience.

Across the United States and elsewhere, doctors are using a variety of apps, websites, and other services to connect with patients via smartphones and other devices. These services and this market is definitely in its infancy, but it could be big. Health care costs are skyrocketing, but by using apps, doctors may be able to eliminate visits for cuts, colds and other simple things. Doctors will be able to dispense recommendations, and perhaps even medicines through the Internet.

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