What Microsoft Edge’s WebRTC 1.0 APIs Adoption Signals for All

What Microsoft’s WebRTC 1.0 APIs Adoption Signals for All

Support is a huge step forward not only for the company but the industry in general.

Excitement is in the air! As you may have read on No Jitter earlier this month, Microsoft has given WebRTC its seal of approval, introducing the WebRTC 1.0 APIs into Microsoft Edge for interoperable real-time communications.

WebRTC has transformed the requirements needed to support real-time voice, video, chat, and file sharing built directly into browsers and mobile apps, and Microsoft’s decision  is a huge step forward on its real-time communications roadmap, a clear signal that it sees a bright future for the technology (some may say that the writing has been on the walls with Microsoft’s acquisition of WebRTC companies such as  Beam and Talko within the last year), and great news for the industry in general.

WebRTC has come a long way in a short amount of time.  However, it is important to appreciate that it has also faced its fair share of scrutiny.  WebRTC started out as Google-led initiative; then following its 2010 purchases of On2 Technologies and GIPS for their VP8 and OPUS codecs, respectively, Google open-sourced WebRTC in 2011.

Although WebRTC quickly became a shining star among real-time communications professionals, no one was certain whether it would ever become a truly interoperable solution working across all browsers. Mozilla quickly integrated WebRTC into Firefox. However, it took a few years before Microsoft decided to incorporate it into the new Edge browser, and Apple has been slow to follow, only starting to show signs in April of last year (see “Apple Jumps on WebRTC Bandwagon“).

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