Death of Skype for Windows Phones Opens New Doors For WebRTC

Death of Skype for Windows Phones Opens New Doors For WebRTC

In the ever-changing landscape of the communications industry, it is no surprise that more change is in the air. Earlier this month, Microsoft made the major announcement that its VoIP system, Skype, will no longer be available as a Windows Phone app.

Cutting support to one of its most loved products on its own mobile operating system is definitely a bold move by the tech giant. Similar to the way Microsoft stopped supporting Internet Explorer earlier this year, their latest move indicates how Microsoft’s team feels it is time to focus on providing advanced capabilities for all of its users.

Microsoft is currently urging its Skype users to utilize the Web version along with a note on the Microsoft Skype support page that reads: “Recently we’ve begun to transition from a peer-to-peer-based architecture to a cloud-based one. This has allowed us to introduce innovative new features such as video calling.” If you want to go straight to the horse’s mouth, you can find more details from their blog post, “Skype – The Journey We’ve Been On.”

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