Built with WebRTC: Switch Communications

Built with WebRTC: Switch Communications

Built with WebRTC” is a monthly series that highlights companies who have been successful deploying Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) solutions to the market. This article will focus on the achievements of Switch Communications.

Switch Communications, Inc.  

Switch Communications was born at Firespotter Labs a product accelerator that builds web and mobile applications. It offers two main products, UberConference, first place winner at the 2012 NYC TechCrunch Disrupt startup competition, and Switch.co.  Both products harness the power of WebRTC. In their blog post, “Why We Use WebRTC for our Voice Products”, Switch elaborates on their justification for using WebRTC.  They mention many of the features that draw companies to WebRTC such as being high-quality, secure and an open-source technology that requires no additional plug-ins or downloads. As an early adopter of WebRTC, Switch Communications built a team of skilled engineers ready to tackle some of the business world’s biggest challenges impeding effective communication and collaboration.


UberConference, offered by Switch, is one of our go-to tools for communication. Our team uses UberConference daily to communicate with our clients and prospects. UberConference is an easy, powerful, and pain-free way to schedule and run audio conferences, all without requiring annoying PINs. It adds a visual dimension along with smart contact integration that enables users to see who’s connected, the type of device being used, screen sharing functionality and much more.


Switch.co is the cloud-based business phone system built for the modern worker. It lets you answer calls and texts from your mobile phone or desktop. It also enables the user to switch between devices seamlessly mid-conversation without interruption. Switch.co integrates with Google Apps to help businesses become more productive while providing flexibility and mobility for its customers. In November 2015, Switch.co was selected to be one of eight companies joining the Google for Work Partner Program.  In addition, it was recognized as a Recommended for Google Apps for Work service. Not only does Switch support Google Apps, but it supports Microsoft Office 365 users as well.

Team & Leadership

Switch Communications was built by a team of former Google engineers that had extensive experience in Real-Time Communications.  The team includes Brian Peterson, John Rector and most notably Craig Walker, formerly the CEO of GrandCentral. When GrandCentral was acquired by Google in July 2007, it was renamed Google Voice.  Craig Walker continued as Group Product Manager for Google’s Real-Time Communications Group.  His team was responsible for bringing Google Voice, Google Talk and Google Talk Video to market. Their combined expertise is a contributing factor in the success of the organization.

San FranciscoApril 2011$53 Million
100 – 150Telecommunicationshttp://switch.co

In Conclusion

In 2016, more companies will deploy WebRTC products and services. Switch Communications has successfully launched two products utilizing its power in the last few years. As the technology has advanced, so has Switch’s ability to innovate and bring award winning products to the market. Switch will be a contender in providing efficient business tools that streamline workflow processes and make life easier for users.

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