Blacc Spot Media, Inc. Appreciates Our Employees’ Dedicated Efforts

Blacc Spot Media, Inc. Appreciates Our Employees’ Dedicated Efforts

Now is the time to think small. Small business that is. 

Did you know that small businesses account for 99.7% of firms with paid employees in the United States? It’s true. Small businesses make a large impact on both the national economy and their local markets.

It’s no wonder there has been so much emphasis on them in recent events. At this time more than ever, it’s vital that all economic players — regardless of their size — come together to support small businesses.

As a small business ourselves, we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize the constantly devoted efforts of our team members. Since 2011, we’ve been a leading cloud communications consulting firm providing strategic consultations and application development services.

We take pride in solving our clients’ toughest communications challenges by providing unparalleled services and customer experiences. Our team members are experts in all cloud communications channels, delivering impactful results.

In a recent engagement, we provided custom voice solution development efforts for a public transportation agency. We built an interactive voice (IVR) system using a handful of programming languages and technologies. 

The solution takes care of customers who call the agency’s call center on weekends or after-hours on evenings. The IVR system has a text-to-voice functionality for customers and transcribes messages.

An analyst from the agency kindly took the time to leave a review about our project with them. They said, “We’re impressed with their accommodation and patience. They were very easy to work with, which is much appreciated.”

As an impact of our efforts, the agency’s ridership went from –90% to –50%. The IVR system has also been mostly bug-free since its launch. We loved working on this project and are happy to see how it has helped our partner’s business.

Online reviews such as these are a great way for us to receive constructive feedback. However, they’re also a large tool in recognizing our employees’ contributions in their projects. 

In this B2B space, small businesses can benefit through platforms like Clutch, a guide to find other business experts. Our leadership team here at Blacc Spot Media is thrilled to celebrate our team members’ successes! 

We appreciate their commitment to giving their all day-in and day-out and would not be where we are today without them. Please join us in giving them a big thank you!
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