6 Unique WebRTC Use Cases for 2015

6 Unique WebRTC Use Cases for 2015

2015 has been a year of growth for the Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) industry. In the process we have seen some interesting WebRTC use cases hit the market. All of which have pushed the envelope beyond adding live audio and video alone. Investors have expressed interest in their innovative products and services as each company listed has received funding in 2015. To see the full list of companies who have received funding in 2015, take a look at our recent article, Over $1 Billion in Funding to WebRTC Companies in 2015.

AirConsole by N-Dream AG

AirConsole is a virtual gaming console with features much like a standard video game console. The major difference is that you only need two items: a big screen and a smartphone, both with internet access. Your big screen (PC, Mac, SmartTV or tablet) functions as the console and your smartphone is transformed into a gamepad. Once you’re connected AirConsole allows you to enjoy a huge selection of games controlled with your smartphone, which automatically adapts to fit the control scheme of each game.

N-Dream AG, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, was able to raise $1.29M in Series A funding on September 3, 2015.




Nucleus is a wireless home intercom system that can be activated using voice and video. At its very core, Nucleus is a family communication system inspired by the home intercom system. It is designed to make communication with your family effortless and pleasant and to save you time at each use.

Nucleus, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, was able to raise $3.37M in Seed funding on October 13, 2015.



Tellybean is a video call solution that enables users to convert their televisions into videophones. Tellybean brings life-sized video calling to the TV, so you feel like your family and friends are in the same room. The Tellybean service is available either pre-installed or for download through Google Play on your Android TV or Android TV set-top box.

Tellybean, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, was able to raise an additional $463K in Seed funding on July 1, 2015.


XOEye Technologies

XOEye Technologies creates and leverages wearable technologies that drive communication and efficiency solutions for businesses. XOEye delivers a comprehensive set of hardware and software tools that allow business to capture, communicate, and manage information; together, driving a variety of solutions.

XOEye Technologies, headquartered in Nashville, TN, was able raise an additional $1.9M in Series A funding on April 29, 2015.



AltspaceVR is a virtual reality software company. AltspaceVR is bringing two-dimensional web content into shared virtual spaces, and extending the web to create fully holographic experiences. Through the software users will be able to watch streaming video, play games, and get work done, together and entirely inside of virtual reality. The software is powered by, and fully embraces, the modern open web.

AltspaceVR, headquartered in Redwood City, CA, was able to raise an additional $10.3M in Series A funding on July 29, 2015.



Paperspace is a new type of computer that can be accessed through any web browser and lives in the cloud. Paperspace started with the idea that buying and managing computers is an unnecessarily painful and expensive process. With Paperspace, your desktop is available wherever you are. You can simply log in from any device and have access to all your data.

Paperspace, headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, was able to raise an additional $1.7M in a Convertible Note on April 20, 2015.


In Conclusion

WebRTC is showing steady and gradual growth as Tsahi Levent-Levi pointed out in his recent article, WebRTC Demand isn’t Exponentially Growing. We have only just begun to see what developers are capable of creating using the power of real-time technologies such as WebRTC. Once widespread adoption of its capabilities increase, we will start seeing more innovative WebRTC use cases across the industry.

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