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Supercharge Your Sales Cycle: Partner with Blacc Spot Media for Unparalleled Services and Success


As a distinguished Twilio Gold Consulting Partner with over 10 years of dedicated service to the Twilio platform, Blacc Spot Media is your trusted partner to engage prospects and customers.

Let’s Close Some Deals! Accelerate your 2024 deal cycles and increase your win rate with Blacc Spot Media.

We provide a comprehensive set of services for our Twilio customers!

BONUS: We migrate existing customers to Flex 2.0!

Our Products Built on the Twilio Platform

Twilio Flex: Prebuilt Plugin Marketplace

The A La Carte “no-code” plugin marketplace, built to integrate with any Twilio Flex contact center.

With a simple click-to-integrate experience, deploy new Twilio Flex features and functionality in minutes with absolutely no developers required.

Gravity Marketplace allows customers and prospects to purchase and configure prebuilt plugins without a complex sales cycle. The only true Software-as-a-service (SaaS) experience for Twilio Flex.

Checkout a few Gravity Marketplace Plugin Video Demos!

Twilio Flex: Out-of-the-Box Functionality

Allows customers to deploy a fully functional and feature-rich experience for their Twilio Flex contact center with up to 75% less upfront investment than building from scratch.

Leverage our pre-built features and functionality to deploy Twilio Flex quicker and with fewer resources.

Share the demo video below with customers and prospects to help fast-track your deals cycles with Twilio Flex.

Twilio Messaging: Bring Your Own SID SMS Marketing

A customizable SMS marketing platform that can be deployed in days.

An easy-to-use, customizable SMS platform built for companies who need more flexibility and control over their SMS marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Built to use the customer’s Twilio Account SID so you can earn commissions as normal. Share the demo video below with customers and prospects to help close more messaging deals.